A Declaration That Can Activate Your DNA

Choose Love, Make The World a Better Place



I’m here for a reason. I came through my parents but from the universe. I’m here to learn to love myself through all the different experiences and to share that love with others. I’m made by and for love in this world. So, I will use my unconditional love to accept this world and to make it a better place. I’m deeply aware material things can’t make the kind of the difference that matters. Only virtue, wisdom and love can. Material things can’t save humanity but love can.

I want to make the world a better place by choosing love!


The Universe created me. It gave me the most extraordinary skills and talents, and the universe that created me supports me 1000% in knowing that I belong. That I matter. That I have skills, and talents and abilities that are just so unique to me. But it’s not for me to show off or to be selfish. It’s a tool for me to use to serve others and to glorify life and its beauty.

I know that I’m not my identity nor my body. All my shortcomings and issues are because of the limitations of the people and the environment I grew up with. And I’m aware that I chose my life exactly for my lessons on earth. I’m here to learn together with my parents. I let go any resistance of being my true self and I fully accept that I am enough exactly as I am.

I want to say to mum & Dad: Mum, dad, I came into your life to help you change yours. I wish you to accept me, allow me to be me. I’m willing from today onwards not to ask for perfection from you and I request you do the same. I’m a part of you and we are one. Let’s embrace this change together and only choose love from today onwards. Let’s together make the world a better place!


I take responsibility for my life. I know I’m the creator of my world. There’s no fate, only choice. I choose my thoughts, my words and my deeds. There’s no destiny, only creation. I create joy, beauty and wonder in life. My life is the accumulation of each and every one of my choice and it’s the miracle of the creation.

I’m aware, love is the source of all creation. Today, I choose to fully love everyone, every event, every grass, every rock… with an open heart. I also use my unconditional love to welcome in the beautiful tomorrow!


My mind is run by a network of intelligence. And my mind is always in control of my body and my reality. Every part of me is connected to a network of intelligence, which is influenced by my own mind. And I in turn can influence my mind. I’m aware that I attract what I am not what I want. So, purifying my mind is my priority.


From today, I want to dream without limitation. I choose to study and live my life with positive outlook.

The universe doesn’t decree who I become, neither does my country, nor my parents, nor my teachers. No body and nothing can limit what I can do or cannot do; must be or mustn’t be a certain kind of person. Everything is given to me by universe based on my free will. I’m never forced or controlled. Whatever I choose, it musters its infinite power to help me and make it a reality for me.

Just like the empty field, the universe doesn’t decide what comes out of it. If the farmer sows an apple seed, the universe will use all of its power to help grow apples; If the farmer sows a tomato seed, the universe will use all of its power to help grow tomatoes.

I know how important my dreams are. They’re the seeds. No matter what dreams I have, the universe will help me and make it a reality. If I’m the seed of grass, the universe will help me become a tiny blade of grass. If I’m the seed of a flower, the universe will help me blossom as a flower. If I’m the seed of a tree, the universe will help me become a giant tree reaching into the clouds.

I’m now aware and I choose to accept, it is what it is. I know whatever I focus on, I sow the “seed”. From now on, I will only choose love. And if I chose something I didn’t want, I simply acknowledge it and it’s OK. I just choose again.


I know my mind is like a launch station. Every thought in my mind is like the wireless signal being broadcasted into the universe. So, it impacts the whole universe either positively or negatively. I will receive an equal force propelling my life either positively or negatively. This is also called Karma.

I know, where my mind is, my destiny is. What my mind is, my fate is. From now on, I utilize all my power in my mind to create the life I want and to impact the world positively.

I also know the world reflects what’s inside me. Just like the movie is a reflection from the film. All the good or bad experience in my life is an illusion reflected from what’s in me. Whatever I am, it is. The world is like my mirror. I choose to work on myself to change the world.

I choose to love myself to make the world a better place!


I know life is the biggest gift from the universe. I’m the greatest miracle in nature.

Once there was a kind person, in springtime, he gave two beggars each a deserted house and a piece of empty land. But in autumn, the lazy beggar died of hunger and disease. Whereas the other diligent beggar living an abundant and happy life.

In humanity, every soul is a beggar, the universe is the kind person, who gave me a house and the empty land. The house is my body and the land is my limitless mind.

I know if I sow the seed of wisdom and love with diligence, I will reap a bountiful harvest tomorrow.

From this moment on, I’m committed to letting go of the past, to feeling good about the present and to having such great expectations of the future.


I now know my truth and I choose love, each and every moment.

My time on earth is destined to be sharing my beautiful and steadfast beliefs with people who are lost, to wake them up to be present to their own greatness! I will bring so much joy to people who are suffering, so they can experience true happiness! I will light up those who are in darkness with wisdom and truth, so they can see light again!

This is the motivation for all my hard work, studying, learning, growth and self-discipline!

I’m filled with hope, committed to my dream, blossoming like a flower, soaring and liberating of my soul because I choose to.

I choose love and I choose to make the world a better place!

Here’s the audio version if you prefer to just listen.

Thank you for being who you are! You’re important to all there is. 🙏❤️

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