I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life. I’m So Confused. But Why?

First of all, you’re here asking the questions. That’s amazing. I acknowledge you. Not everyone has the courage to do so. 

Secondly, you’re not alone. Our world has changed significantly as you know. Many people are in a state of confusion and uncertainty. It’s all ok and normal. Yes, certain past traumas will be triggered, but there are pathways to heal them. I, for one, have been supporting many to heal. 

Watch this video to see what’s possible for you.

For now, the best way to support you to have clarity; to be OK with whatever you’re dealing with. Because the truth is what you resist persists. 

When you let go of the resistance, that’s when you will have capacity to see more clearer. Remember the movie Karate Kid(the new one with Jackie Chan & Jaden)? He could only go to his next level, when he stopped resisting. If you remember the scene where his master showed him in the water pool. How can you get clarity when the water is disturbed? How can you see when the water is muddy? Once everything settled, he saw himself clearly in the water. He got it. But again, he had to go through the first phase of confusing and struggling, otherwise, there’s no meaning. See, you’re OK. 🙂

The deeper meaning of the water story is that, the truth for us as humans, it’s a self against self universe – everything is based on free will. It’s all up to the self. So everything is created by the self. If you learn the access, it could be easy to change your life. Watch this video to learn the secret access to anything you want fast. 

You have all the answers within you, when you give yourself permission to be, instead of constantly beating yourself up, the answers to your questions will arise. You will be inspired to do things that makes you happy. 

Most importantly, you’re here for a reason. You matter. Being you is the missing piece in the world. So thank you for being who you are! 

Sending love & healing energies. ❤️ 😇