The Secret Millionaire’s Vow For Riches


We live in The mental Universe:

  • Richard Conn Henry  published the article in the peer reviewed magazine Nature back in 1995. He stated that
  • “The only reality is mind and observations, but observations are not of things. To see the Universe as it really is, we must abandon our tendency to conceptualize observations as things.”
  • “The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.”

If you don’t have the awareness for being a millionaire, how can you be one? This declaration will help you.

Secret Millionaire’s Vow For Riches

-Anthony Norvell

Let’s uncover the hidden promise of wealth embraced by millionaires, and harness the same boundless abundance that has enriched countless others

If you prefer listening over reading, I’ve created a video just for you. Click here to watch and enjoy! 🙂

“I now take the millionaire’s vow for riches. I recognize that there are infinite treasures in the cosmic cornucopia of riches and abundance. Draw upon the unlimited resources of the universe for my own enrichment.

I desire unlimited supplies of money and material goods so that I may use my riches to help my family and to give something of value to the world. Recognize that I am only a channel for the release of God’s treasures, for the enrichment of the world.

I therefore vow that I shall do only good with my future fortune. I take an oath that I shall use money to help uplift those who are downtrodden. To liberate those imprisoned by poverty. Idealize the standards of the world. To strive to help children, the sick, the poor, the imprisoned, the blind, and the handicapped is to offer them the chance to experience profound joy.

I shall use my money and earthly treasures to educate, inspire and uplift humanity. To help bring peace to the world. Banish discrimination and racial prejudice. To bring about equality for all and to use my supply and abundance for the good of humanity and the greater glory of God.”

How I work is to combine physical, mental and emotional healing spaces and guided by the truth – Your Truth. 

If you would like to talk to someone about this process, please feel free to reach out to me. You can schedule a 30 minute FREE consultation on the homepage of my website. Most physical and emotional imbalances or dis-eases can be addressed in the similar process. 


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