I’m passionate about making a difference in the world and transform the meaning of being human.

My Previous Life

Humble Beginnings

I grew up in a small farm village in Inner Mongolia China. People were so poor back then they barely had enough to eat. The moment I was born, my parents didn’t want me because I was a girl due to their one-child policy in China. Ultimately my parents found a way to keep me, but I can still remember growing up always feeling lonely, sad and somehow different.


This one particular day, I was out in the fields herding sheep and goats. I was about 10 years old. All of a sudden I heard this loud booming noise come over my head. I looked up and saw it was a gigantic airplane. It was really unique, because the plane was flying extremely low. I could see the windows clearly on the side. Surrounded by my sheep, I was mesmerized. I vowed to myself “One of the days I will be on an airplane like that traveling around the world doing the things I love.” This was my awakening.


Know you are fully worthy to receive



What if you knew I experienced almost every deep trauma, programming of abuse, suffering, sacrifice, lack, scarcity, hiding, fear, rejection and unworthiness you can imagine?

On my journey, I got to heal and come into peace in ALL areas of life. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greats where I transformed all areas of my life including relationships, love, freedom, health and body alignment, self-worth, receiving of money, pleasure, play, bliss, support, radical self-acceptance and of others, full expression and choosing the life that is perfect for me, and profoundly much more.


When I look back I see this as a message from the “SKY” – my first awakening. I consider myself very lucky. Thinking about so many of you who are suffering, living in lack, scarcity, hiding, fear, rejection and unworthiness. I want to be there for you! I believe we all go through these trauma and hurts in our life so we can unlock our gift one day and use it in service of the greater good. Knowing you are fully worthy to receive, YOU TOO can create a life you absolutely love and activate within you the codes of liberation, bliss, and abundance now as your normal state of being.

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