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Financial freedom is what most of us dream about. But does it sometimes feel unobtainable? During my training to become a rapid transformation therapist, I learned how mindset dramatically affects finances. Did you know that most people who win the lottery lose all their money in a year or two? Why? Money blocks. However, these can easily be overcome – when you know how. I love helping people achieve freedom from the patterns that limit their income or create financial struggles. Read on. I explain the reason for money blocks and how they affect all our lives.

Oddly, Money blocks are rarely to do with money. I had high paid clients – they get rid of all the money; Others saying to themselves – No matter what I do I can never earn the money I want.

Money blocks often have so little to do with money, but to do with your feeling that Am I worth it? When you feel worth – less, you tend to attract less. When you feel worth more, you attract more. That’s the deep feeling comes from you that you know that you are worth more. Eg. When I was working with budding rock stars and athletes, they were so happy to get 300 pounds/week – they’re like “so amazing”; A few months down the road, they’re infuriated. “It’s insulting. I deserve 10X that.” Their sense of worth goes up. It’s possible for all of us to expand when you get rid of those blocks that “I’m worth-less, I’m not skilled. Other people are better than me”

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When you go back and have a look at what you grew up with, your parents saying things like, “You can never make enough money. Money slip through your fingers. Money doesn’t grow on trees…” How those beliefs affect you and how you play them back in your head over and over again. Just remembering hearing what your parents said, ” I never have enough money. I can’t pay the bills. Turn off the heating. We can’t afford that.” I remember my parents saying that. “That’s too expensive. we have’t got the money.” When you hear that a lot, it becomes your way of life. How you address this is by shifting your mindset to the opposite. “I can afford it. I can have anything I want…” Maybe not now, next week, next month or next year.

The way you talk to yourself about money will 1000% affect your relationship with money. Some people respect; some get rid of it. Other people just can’t have a relationship with it because they’ve never got enough of it.

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∗ My aim is to empower individuals to overcome emotional obstacles and support them to live a true life of expression of abundance and freedom whatever it takes.

∗ How I work is to combine physical, mental and emotional healing spaces and guided by the truth – Your Truth – ABUNDANCE IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT to support you reclaim your true power.

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