What’s the most effective way to make a difference in the world as an individual? 

Almost everyone when I asked “What do you want?” after acknowledging money, relationships or success,  would end with wanting to make a difference in the world one way or another. But good intentions are not enough. Isn’t our world ruined by many people with “good intentions”?

Jing He Paramount Shift


According to many religious beliefs “the kingdom of heaven is within”. “The universe is within” said Rumi. What have we been focusing our energy on all this time?

The channeled messages from Abraham Hicks says: One person who is tuned and tapped in, turned on and connected with the true self is more powerful than millions who are not. These names came to my mind: Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Jr. King, Nelson Mandela etc…

The truth is very simple. We all got lost in the complication. Here’s the Scientific evidence to help remind you who you really are. This short 5 minute video explains one of the most famous and shocking experiments, done by renowned physicists back in the 70s.


Our mission for Project Freedom is to engage the world to wake up to our light within and co-create at the highest level to make the most difference to the most people TOGETHER!

Choose love and make the world a better place!


  • BY 2034 Project Freedom will activate 33 Freedom Ambassadors.
  • By 2036 Our 33 Freedom Ambassadors will activate 2 more Ambassadors.
  • Every year our Ambassadors will compound exponentially and globally!

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