“I have been battling hip pain for nearly a year, many visits at many doctors, tests, scans, physio treatments and lots of spent money later I had no results and still no expectations for the reason why. I’m fit 40 years old and it was real mystery for me. On top of this pain my foot started to hurt too.

Suddenly I could not even put my shoes on. Again no explains doctors complete ignored that. I started to feel like there is something wrong with me or I’m making it all up or worst, there is something extremely serious going on and I’m going to die. Then I met Jing and she shared what she’s doing. I was desperate to try anything that would make this pain go away. I had been living with this pain for nearly a year now! Jing agreed to a session. She was so flexible, accommodating, generous and understanding. Session was amazing and I was so surprised what I have discovered. Straight after the session I was shocked to notice my hip pain disappeared! Within few days my foot pain disappeared! I have been pain free ever since. I’m so glad I did this treatment and so grateful I met Jing and she shared it with me. Could not recommend more. Thank you Jing!”

Kate Tusha, London, UK

I had the opportunity to experience wonders in my life. I had a session with Jing in march 2020 having problems with being disciplined and with my goal setting and most of all goal oriented actions. I used to be very humble with my goals and felt that I had some sort of self sabotage limits that I have imposed upon myself. It felt like I feared something but nobody was able to help me with that and I have tried a lot since I rarely give up.
The session with Jing was so smooth that I hardly remember anything – went so deep into hypnosis but felt so safe and secure since the beginning being given a lot of warm understanding and deep insight where I never viewed the problem in a way she depicted it.
Nevertheless what is the most important are the results which have already manifested themselves in a very tangible way practically after the session. I am much more courageous in planning and actions and became very straightforward in actions and in relationships being able to openly say what I want and what I need.
Friends started to laugh asking me whether it was the corona virus that changed me by a life threat but what I always do silently after a short laughter – I pass Jing’s phone number and email address being sure that they will get the best possible hypnotherapy that is comprehensive and above all effective.
I recommend Jing highly as a specialist in effective hypnotherapy and when You are looking for results in life – Jing He will provide You with them for sure.

Henry Bulski, Poland

“Jing provided an amazing RTT experience for me. Having always had a fear of technology, she was able to get to the root cause fast and help me understand what was holding me back. I found the transformation really helpful and loved the recording she created especially for me. And it worked! Thank you, Jing.”

Helen, Grand Cayman Island

“I want to let everyone know about Jing’s program. I have no ulterior motive and sure, maybe Jing is selling magic beans. After years and years of self help guides, gurus and self-proclaimed masters without much change in me, Jing’s program unlocked something in me – me. I feel connected and at one with who I am and my very DNA – her words resonate in my mind each morning and I feel reconnected with myself and my journey.”

Robert Nowell, London, UK

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