Asthma Treatment
The Hidden Root Cause & Spiritual Meaning Of Asthma Treatment

By addressing unresolved childhood experiences or traumas, individuals may be able to alleviate or manage their asthma symptoms more effectively. Techniques such as therapy, inner child work, or alternative healing methods can help individuals heal the wounds of their past, leading to improved respiratory health.

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Overcome money blocks
What About Money?

Did you know that most people who win the lottery lose all their money in a year or two? Why? Money blocks. However, these can easily be overcome - when you know how. I love helping people achieve freedom from the patterns that limit their income or create financial struggles. Read on. I explain the reason for money blocks and how they affect all our lives.

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The Secret Millionaire’s Vow For Riches

"The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy." I now take the millionaire’s vow for riches. I recognize that there are infinite treasures in the cosmic cornucopia of riches and abundance...

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A Declaration That Can Activate Your DNA

Be aware! Miracles happen when parents and children read this out loud often! Guaranteed way more effective than endless hardworking.

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